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Video #5: Sewing With the Curve Master 2013

Click this link for a new version of “Sewing with the Curve Master” filmed in 2013.  Older versions of the demonstration are still available on YouTube.  We hope having several different demonstrations will help you gain enjoyment and expert results from your Curve Master.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8bZ0Nm-W93o

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Online Classes Kick-Off Today – No Foolin’ !!

Today, April 1, 2013, we kickoff our 3rd Annual Online Class, co-presented with the Australian version of “Nancy’s Notions,” Judy Hall of Punch With Judy. Judy and I have teamed over previous years to bring you the best in user-friendly education.  Our online classes allow you to work at any time YOU choose, even in your pajamas!  Simply download the lesson which is published online on the 1st of each of the next 6 months.  You do not have to be in front of your computer at any appointed time.

The lessons span from very basic (how to attach the Curve Master) to more advanced (making purses with round bottoms inserted) over the course of the class.  Any level of mastery (or non-mastery) is accommodated in the class.  You do not need any prerequisites other than basic sewing machine familiarity, as we “start at the very beginning…a very good place to start.”

It is not too late to join us!  Go to Judy’s website to sign up:  www.punchwithjudy.com.au


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Countdown to Curve Master Online Class Kickoff – 6/1/2011

Here is the latest on our online class which our class moderator, Judy Hall of Australia,  just sent out.  I like to think of this as “Curve Master Boot Camp.”  Health and physical fitness “boot camps” are very popular here in the USA, for making us fit, strong and competent.  That is what my vision of the  Curve Master online class is.  You will be fit, strong and competent in using the Curve Master and sewing curves as a result of this class.

Judy and I will be providing a once-a-month lesson in PDF form which you can complete at your convenience, wherever you choose.  There will be a Yahoo group for all enrollees to share ideas, questions, answers, encouragement and successes.  We will include short videos as an enhancement as appropriate.

The class is appropriate for anyone who has the prerequisite knowledge of how to use a sewing machine for basic straight seam sewing, and how to safely use rotary cutting equipment and acrylic rulers.  Other than a Curve Master Presser Foot, Bent tip tweezers, and Seam Roller, and the one-time class fee for the 6-month series, no purchases are required.  We will be focusing on various techniques.  We will be using various Just Curves and other designers’ tools, but whether you use them or choose others which you may already have, is fine.

Join us and be victorious over curves!

Hi Everyone,

Some time ago you gave me an Expression of Interest in our NEW Online Course for using the Curve Master Presser Foot.  I have been mentioning this constantly in recent Newsletters but then realized some of you may not receive those regularly, hence this email.

If you would like to join us for this Six Month’s Course you may book online using the following link or you may phone through your credit card details.

If you prefer to pay via Direct Deposit, then those details are:  ANZ Wagga Branch BSB 012 823, Account # 9006 77906 in the name of Punch with Judy.  I would need confirmation when processed and if you could put your name and Curve Master Online as the notation it would be appreciated.


Cost is $80.00 (includes GST) for the full 6 lessons.

Full Details are on the above link as well, giving the lesson plan and explanation about how an Online Class works.

We have lots of ideas, projects and specials for you that I’m sure will be an absolute eye-opening and very well worth every cent of the class.  We ourselves are very excited about what we have planned for you so I certainly hope you are able to join us.  Things like Paper Piecing Arcs, Border Options, Pieced Dresden Plate with No Applique, Inserting Circles into Holes, Circles & Overlapping Circles, Swoopy Curves, Tight Curves, Wavy Curves, Giant Dahlia, Embellishments, Setting in Sleeves, Princess Seams, Inserting a Hat Crown or a Purse Bottom – plus the inevitable Drunkard’s Path, Double Wedding Ring and other favourite quilting blocks.  Makes your mouth water and your fingers itch to get sewing?

We already have over 40 students paid with another 40 in the wings, including yourself.

Requirements list and introduction is ready to email you now upon receipt of your confirmation.  Lesson 1 is only 7 days away.

Happy Quilting,


Judy Hall

Managing Director

Punch with Judy “Your Creative Sewing Specialist”

P.O. Box 62  THE ROCK  (near Wagga)  N.S.W.  AUSTRALIA.  2655

Email:  judy@punchwithjudy.com.au

Website:  www.punchwithjudy.com.au

Blog:  http://punchwithjudy.blogspot.com
Phone:  02 6920 2238    Fax:  02 6920 2021

International Phone:  61 2 6920 2238    International Fax:  61 2 6920 2021

Email me to join our Mailing List for Newsletters re new products & specials.

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Curve Master Giveaway!

One of the early supporters since Day One of the Curve Master has been The Cotton Patch, a lovely quilt shop and mail order business, in Birmingham, England.  Last year I was their guest in The Cotton Patch stand at Festival of Quilts in Birmingham, England.  Again this year I will be the beneficiary of their hospitality at Festival of Quilts at the NEC in Birmingham from August 19 – 22, 2010.  I have found that our cousins “over there” are very avant garde in all fiber art techniques.   There was the first time I had seen gorgeously dyed silk worm pods, Oliver Twist threads and yarns, much fabric stamping and embellishing, layering and then burning fibers to expose the underlying layers, and too many other sophisticated applications of mixed media and techniques to describe.  I was overwhelmed and admittedly surprised.  I admit to being ethnocentric about quilting…it is American isn’t it?!  Well, no….

Here is a Giveaway sponsored by The Cotton Patch and appearing in Popular Patchwork magazine, a publication well worth your exploration for a mind expanding view of quilting.

And here is a quilt submitted by one happy customer of The Cotton Patch:

I will remind you nearer the date but mark your calendar now for Festival of Quilts, August 19-22, 2010, at NEC Birmingham, England.  You will enjoy it and The Cotton Patch booth.  I understand they have a lot of things planned for this year.  How can they possibly top last year with Amy Butler and Kaffe Fassett?  I can hardly wait!

And speaking of “Giveaways”, click this link for the New Contest Second Ever Just Curves Contest! You have a very good shot at the $200 Grand Prize.  Be sure to check out the winners of the First Ever Just Curves contest as well for inspiration.

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More Quilt Market Fun from 2009

Mark Lipinski…I have been so fortunate that Mark said of the Curve Master Presser Foot, “I LOVE THIS FOOT!” in his Quilter’s Home Magazine issue which reviewed sewing machine presser feet. Since then he has also recommended our Seam Roller which eliminates ironing until much later in the piecing process.  Now, he is offering a class with curves called Throw Me A Curve at several venues, including the Oklahoma City Winter show January 14-16, 2010 and at the Rocky Mountain Sew Expo in Denver, February 3-6, 2010.  Just Curves will be a vendor at the Denver show, so come see us there!  And be sure to order your Curve Master, Tweezers and Seam Roller while the Just Curves Holiday Special is still going until January 1, 2010. You’ll be glad you did when you take Mark’s class!

The rockymountainsewexpo.com website says, “You will be hard pressed to find a more entertaining lecture personality and enjoyable quilting class than one taken with international quilt teacher and quilt, fabric designer, and creator and former Executive Editor of Quilter’s Home magazine, Mark Lipinski. Dubbed “the bad boy of quilting,” by the international press, Mark’s no holds barred, brutally honest, riotous PG-13 talks are half quilting and all stand-up comedy. Mark will be teaching two all-day workshops on Friday Throw Me a Curve – Mystery Quilt.

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Sandy Chandler, Just Curves, and the Curve Master Presser Foot

All right…I’m holding my nose and jumping in to this blog thing.  (Did she jump or was she pushed?)

Why a blog from me?  Quilt Market 2009 in Houston convinced me that we folks interested in quilts and quilting are a community of people who are also interested in relationships and personal connection.  So with all humility (can they possibly be interested in what I have to say?) and with deepest gratitude to my friends who encourage me in so many ways, I will boldly go where I have never gone before, to blogland.

You see, in the late 1990’s I was unsuccessfully trying to make a Double Wedding Ring quilt. I figured out what the problem was (more about that in another posting) and came up with the idea for a Curve Master Presser Foot.  My jerry-rigged prototype proved my theory, and I went looking for someone with development expertise to bring my idea to reality.  Fast forward to Houston Quilt Market 2002 when the Curve Master was introduced to the quilt world and was instantly acclaimed by one quilting grande dame as “a giant leap forward for mankind.”

My life changed nearly overnight from working as a health-care insurance executive to being a quilt show circuit rider.  Yes, Mother, I ran away and joined the circus!  The first year 2003 found me at 45 quilt shows, all over the US plus England and France.  In years since, I’ve managed to pare it down to about 30 quilt shows a year while adding  Australia, Canada, Japan, Germany, Switzerland and Italy to my circus performance schedule at various times.  The result is an amazing cache of stories, photos, friendships, and musings on this multicultural bridge-building hobby and business of ours.

Now, after fretting for days and grappling with the computer work required to post a blog from this pre-television era kid, I am exhausted.  But the good kind of tired, you know, from having worked hard and accomplished something good to show for it.  So I will sign off for now with a promise of posts with photos from many shows to come.

I invite you to leave comments to encourage me!


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