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Festival of Quilts, Birmingham, England 2011

Here are a few photos of winners at this year’s show.  Despite concerns over riots in London, Birmingham, and Manchester and environs, the show was a rousing success.  Attendance was high, spirits were too.  Unfortuately, the artists’ names were not posted with their quilts and I do not have a program to obtain them.  I would certainly give credit for their efforts.

Best of Show, Art Quilt, called Octopussy.

Wall Quilt Winner called Hot Africa

Group Quilt – Meerkat Quilt Show

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Home from Festival of Quilts, Birmingham, England 2010

Hello!  I just arrived home from a wonderful internationally-flavored two week working vacation, in London, Birmingham, and Edinburgh.   Before I download photos and thoughtfully blog about the trip, here is The Cotton Patch’s blog address where starting Wednesday, August 11 you will find gorgeous photos of some of the doin’s.  You can also link directly to it in the blogroll at the right.  http://blog.quiltingonline.co.uk/   This marks the second year I have been The Cotton Patch’s guest at the Festival, and I always feel exceptionally blessed by association with such fine people, all.


This morning I noticed two kitties paying extraordinary attention to the kitchen floor:  watching, sniffing and patting.  When I investigated what was of such interest here is what I found.  Such a gorgeous little creature.  I’m sure the pictures don’t capture the greige color and the barely glistening glow to the perfect tiny geometric skin!  I gently picked him/her up (first being certain it was not a little rattler!) and watched for a while, and then moved all 4 inches of him to the front flower bed.  There is a screen door between the kitchen and the patio, so I guess that is how he immigrated…just wonder where momma and siblings are!

Y’all come see me now, ya hear!?  I told you I live in the country!

Doesn’t he make a pretty shape, reflected in the shiny bowl I put him in for observation?

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I’m on the Lam!

OK, time for me to fess up…I’ve just spent a lovely five days in London with Judy Hall of Punch With Judy Australia and her friend Liz Colledge as prelude to attending the Festival of Quilts in Birmingham starting tomorrow. Come see me in The Cotton Patch booth if you are attending!

Judy has done a brilliant job of posting our adventures to her blog so I refer you to it for entertaining commentary and photos. Click on the Punch With Judy Blog link in the Blogroll to the right.

From here we head to Edinburgh, Scotland for Fringe Festival and the unique privilege of attending the military tattoo at Edinburgh Castle. I’m wearing a splint or brace on my sore wrist and getting along just fine, as pulling a charge card out of my wallet really isn’t THAT strenuous.

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Festival of Quilts – Birmingham, England Coming Up!

Tomorrow I head to London,  England for a few days prowling antique malls hoping to add to my thimble collection.  Maybe the brief holiday there will include a play or musical (or two!) as well as just enjoying one of my favorite cities.  Then on to Birmingham for the Festival of Quilts August 19-22, 2010 where I am again the guest of the wonderful folks at The Cotton Patch, quilting supply purveyor extraordinaire.  They will have more than one booth at the show with demonstrations going in them:  in addition to the  Curve Master Presser Foot I understand that HandiQuilter will also be a guest, and Marti Michell will be showing her acrylic templates for rotary cutting many quilt blocks including curves.  Please be sure not to miss this exciting event.

Copy and past this link into your URL address line for more information:  http://www.twistedthread.com/pages/exhibitions/viewExhibition.aspx?id=25

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Curve Master Giveaway!

One of the early supporters since Day One of the Curve Master has been The Cotton Patch, a lovely quilt shop and mail order business, in Birmingham, England.  Last year I was their guest in The Cotton Patch stand at Festival of Quilts in Birmingham, England.  Again this year I will be the beneficiary of their hospitality at Festival of Quilts at the NEC in Birmingham from August 19 – 22, 2010.  I have found that our cousins “over there” are very avant garde in all fiber art techniques.   There was the first time I had seen gorgeously dyed silk worm pods, Oliver Twist threads and yarns, much fabric stamping and embellishing, layering and then burning fibers to expose the underlying layers, and too many other sophisticated applications of mixed media and techniques to describe.  I was overwhelmed and admittedly surprised.  I admit to being ethnocentric about quilting…it is American isn’t it?!  Well, no….

Here is a Giveaway sponsored by The Cotton Patch and appearing in Popular Patchwork magazine, a publication well worth your exploration for a mind expanding view of quilting.

And here is a quilt submitted by one happy customer of The Cotton Patch:

I will remind you nearer the date but mark your calendar now for Festival of Quilts, August 19-22, 2010, at NEC Birmingham, England.  You will enjoy it and The Cotton Patch booth.  I understand they have a lot of things planned for this year.  How can they possibly top last year with Amy Butler and Kaffe Fassett?  I can hardly wait!

And speaking of “Giveaways”, click this link for the New Contest Second Ever Just Curves Contest! You have a very good shot at the $200 Grand Prize.  Be sure to check out the winners of the First Ever Just Curves contest as well for inspiration.

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A highlight of the Festival of Quilts in Birmingham, England in August 2009 was a side trip to Edinburgh, Scotland for the Fringe Festival.  Princes Mall hosted the Signspotting Project and here is an introduction.

Bend Over Cause Here It Comes!

I waited and waited for someone to obey the “Stop here when flashing” sign!

And, in honor of today, Sunday, December 6, 2009:

Come back here frequently for more!

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