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REPUBLISHED: Day 2 as a Blogger – Curve Master Demo

This blog is republished here today in order to place it in a more conveniently found location for all my new viewers.

First published on November 8, 2009

My goal for today was to make a few videos demonstrating use of the Curve Master Presser Foot and publish them on my blog and maybe Youtube.  First time videographer, first time use of my new Flip Video Camera, first time using iMovie, but I was determined to make myself Sandy B. deMille for one day.  I put on fresh makeup and set the stage on on my back porch, the only spot in the house that gets northern light.  Here is Curve Master Demo – Take 1.  Emphasis on the “Take 1” part.  Totally ignore the part where I say to “lift the two fabrics” as you should only lift the top fabric.

Watch the background more than the demo.  See the pretty kitty walking in the background and reflected on the bed of the sewing machine?  Baaaadddd kittty……


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