TNNA Report

What fun I had this past weekend.  I attended The National Needle Arts Association summer market in Columbus, Ohio.  Outside my regular milieu, I felt overwhelmed, exhilarated, excited and challenged.  A few vendors were familiar from my quilt show circuit, but mostly I was anonymous.  My road to quilting was circuitous:  I knew from about age 6 that I was meant to be a quilter but took various detours through embroidery, crewel embroidery, counted cross stitch, needlepoint (in which I would stitch quilt block patterns!) and knitting.  The most astonishing change in the 35 years since I last did needlepoint has occurred.  From initially thinking I had no interest in even looking at the canvases to having to be dragged out of the show under protest at closing time, I could not stop looking at the canvases and threads.

One designer in particular, Lani from Studio City, CA captivated me.  If I could, I would have purchased every one of her canvases.  Here are just a few for your enjoyment.

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The Curve Master Sews Straight, Too!

Here is a quilt made by Ann Stickney in Shoreline, Washington using an old favorite, Yellow Brick Road pattern.  She says, “Nary a curve in sight but my Curvemaster presser foot kept me on the straight and narrow!”

It’s gorgeous, Annie!  Thanks for sharing.

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Countdown to Curve Master Online Class Kickoff – 6/1/2011

Here is the latest on our online class which our class moderator, Judy Hall of Australia,  just sent out.  I like to think of this as “Curve Master Boot Camp.”  Health and physical fitness “boot camps” are very popular here in the USA, for making us fit, strong and competent.  That is what my vision of the  Curve Master online class is.  You will be fit, strong and competent in using the Curve Master and sewing curves as a result of this class.

Judy and I will be providing a once-a-month lesson in PDF form which you can complete at your convenience, wherever you choose.  There will be a Yahoo group for all enrollees to share ideas, questions, answers, encouragement and successes.  We will include short videos as an enhancement as appropriate.

The class is appropriate for anyone who has the prerequisite knowledge of how to use a sewing machine for basic straight seam sewing, and how to safely use rotary cutting equipment and acrylic rulers.  Other than a Curve Master Presser Foot, Bent tip tweezers, and Seam Roller, and the one-time class fee for the 6-month series, no purchases are required.  We will be focusing on various techniques.  We will be using various Just Curves and other designers’ tools, but whether you use them or choose others which you may already have, is fine.

Join us and be victorious over curves!

Hi Everyone,

Some time ago you gave me an Expression of Interest in our NEW Online Course for using the Curve Master Presser Foot.  I have been mentioning this constantly in recent Newsletters but then realized some of you may not receive those regularly, hence this email.

If you would like to join us for this Six Month’s Course you may book online using the following link or you may phone through your credit card details.

If you prefer to pay via Direct Deposit, then those details are:  ANZ Wagga Branch BSB 012 823, Account # 9006 77906 in the name of Punch with Judy.  I would need confirmation when processed and if you could put your name and Curve Master Online as the notation it would be appreciated.

Cost is $80.00 (includes GST) for the full 6 lessons.

Full Details are on the above link as well, giving the lesson plan and explanation about how an Online Class works.

We have lots of ideas, projects and specials for you that I’m sure will be an absolute eye-opening and very well worth every cent of the class.  We ourselves are very excited about what we have planned for you so I certainly hope you are able to join us.  Things like Paper Piecing Arcs, Border Options, Pieced Dresden Plate with No Applique, Inserting Circles into Holes, Circles & Overlapping Circles, Swoopy Curves, Tight Curves, Wavy Curves, Giant Dahlia, Embellishments, Setting in Sleeves, Princess Seams, Inserting a Hat Crown or a Purse Bottom – plus the inevitable Drunkard’s Path, Double Wedding Ring and other favourite quilting blocks.  Makes your mouth water and your fingers itch to get sewing?

We already have over 40 students paid with another 40 in the wings, including yourself.

Requirements list and introduction is ready to email you now upon receipt of your confirmation.  Lesson 1 is only 7 days away.

Happy Quilting,


Judy Hall

Managing Director

Punch with Judy “Your Creative Sewing Specialist”

P.O. Box 62  THE ROCK  (near Wagga)  N.S.W.  AUSTRALIA.  2655



Phone:  02 6920 2238    Fax:  02 6920 2021

International Phone:  61 2 6920 2238    International Fax:  61 2 6920 2021

Email me to join our Mailing List for Newsletters re new products & specials.

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Flood Gates Go Up! Paducah is Topsy-Turvy

Beautiful Paducah, KY, on the  south bank of the Ohio River is home to the American Quilters’ Society show scheduled to begin tomorrow night with a Preview.  But today official word came down that the river is expected to crest and flood due to the overwhelming rains this region has experienced and still more predicted.  All along the flood wall workers began feverishly erecting the flood gates, closing the few openings in the wall.

So what’s the bad news?  The Paducah Expo Center and Convention Center are located between the river and the flood walls!

That means all the vendors and quilt displays were scrambled, beginning last night, with the following results:

Vendors who were in the Expo Center, and the Best of Show quilts are moving to the Pavilion (or “Bubble Building.”) This is the building right next door to the Expo Center and Convention Center, and it lies safely behind the flood wall.

The vendors who were scheduled to be in the Pavilion are now moved to the “old” Office Max store front, out toward the Mall.

The vendors who were scheduled to be in the Convention Center are now moved to the “old” Circuit City store front, also out toward the Mall.

Buses will run a circuit from the Pavilion to the other venues.  Quilts will also be on display in these revised venues.

The Good News: This change of venue means we can “take the high ground” on our drive to the show and avoid the flood waters in the low lying areas along our previous route, if the show were still in the original venue.  More good news:  The Preview held on Tuesday night has been cancelled for all venues except the Pavilion Building.  This means I get to attend a preview, as a viewer!

Just Curves – Home of the Curve Master Presser Foot will move to the old Circuit City building and we plan to be open for business!

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The Garden is In!


Laser levels were employed to lay out 3-foot planting rows interrupted by 2-foot walkways between each.

This was followed in short order with the planting of corn, pole beans, bush beans, peas, kale, lettuce, spinach, asparagus, cucumbers, zucchini, yellow squash, onions, tomatoes, strawberries, watermelon, brussell sprouts, cauliflower, cabbage, peppers, radishes, carrots, beets, dill, cilantro, and basil.  “Now, who will help me with all this?” said the Little Red Hen.

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The Oak Ridge Boys in Concert

It’s not all Quilt Show after Quilt Show.  Following the lovely dinner at Jennie’s, I treated myself to a seat in the main floor orchestra section for the Oak Ridge Boy’s concert at the Lancaster Music Theater on Lincoln Highway.  What a beautiful theater!  Wide aisles with plenty of leg room to stretch out and enjoy the plush padded seats.  And a concession stand of treats which you could take into the auditorium/theater to enjoy during the performance.  Amazing.

The other amazing thing?  How old all the rest of the audience was!  Not to mention how old the Oak Ridge Boys are!  When did this happen??!!!  I told a young neighbor girl, about age 20, about the concert and she said, “Who?”

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AQS Lancaster, PA Show


Yes, I was a vendor at the AQS show in Lancaster two weeks ago.  But what I wanted to tell you about is the most wonderful place to eat!  I asked permission of Sarah, manager on duty at Jennie’s Diner, before taking these photographs.  The deal was, I would do a blog about how great this place is, so long as she will guarantee me a seat there next year!

Jennie’s Diner

Located at 2575 Lincoln Highway East, Ronks, PA 17572 (just barely past the last outlet mall in Lancaster), Jennie’s has a fabulous menu, breakfast served all day, and amazing low prices.  Specials on the menu the night I was there:  Porterhouse Steak, Ham Loaf, Meat Loaf, Haddock, Liver & Onions, and more…a full page of specials, in addition to the regular menu.  There was a waiting line for a table, so I sat at the counter. Here’s what the lady next to me at the counter had:

Eggs, Hash Browns, Thick Toast, Scrapple

Here’s some of the staff, including Sarah.  Notice the Honor Roll of photographs of servicemen and women around the ceiling.  A sure way to get my vote!

The only drawback?   Remember, this is rural Pennsylvania, where the Amish use natural fertilizer on their fields.  Notice how close to a field the diner is:

But once you’re inside, you will be met with pleasant aromas, great service, and plenty of good food.

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