Long Time, No See!!!

Hello!  What a long hiatus I’ve had from posting!  With good reason:  I have moved twice in the past year, once from Texas to Florida and then once again within Florida.  I am now fairly well settled and am reevaluating items to evaluate what “has to go” and what can stay.  I’m applying the test of “what gives me joy” in both my fabric stash and my yarn stash and my fiber stash. OK, maybe I have too many stashes, but then again…no such thing, right?! But I am deleting items that are no longer “my colors” in order to enjoy things that “give me joy.”

That is to YOUR benefit, as I have posted over 100 items “For Sale” on my Ravelry page.  My Ravelry name is “curvemaster.” If you are already a Ravelry member, please take a look at the great choices of my gorgeous yarns at great prices…lots of Blue Moon Fiber Arts, Socks That Rock, Cider Moon, Lorna’s Laces, and others.  If you are NOT already a Ravelry member and are a “fiber person” whether knitting, crocheting, spinning, dyeing, etc., please do yourself the best favor and check it out at www.ravelry.com

I have found Ravelry to be a resource I can’t do without…it gives me joy!  So many useful, helpful, and/or just fun things; for example, if I have a yarn and wonder what other people have done with that same yarn, it will show me.  If I wonder what a particular pattern “really looks like” I can see that based on, again, what people have done and say about that pattern. If I want to inventory my stash of yarn, needles, library, etc., so when shopping I can double check what I have, or need, it’s there. And, if I want to offer for sale or trade, or if I need an item I can post an “in search of” ISO, and it works!  It is without a doubt my most used site!


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