Curve Master in Quiltmaker Magazine!

Wow!!  The Jul/Aug 2013 issue of Quiltmaker magazine features a curvy quilt sewn with the Curve Master on the COVER !  Accompanying the article describing how to make the quilt is a full-page spread on the Curve Master!  Here is a link to Quiltmaker:   to see the gorgeous pink curvy quilt and to order the magazine. Or check your local stores: B&N, Hastings, etc.


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4 responses to “Curve Master in Quiltmaker Magazine!

  1. Mar Sibley

    I have a 20 year old Viking and it sews beautifully, but I can not sew curves with the Curve Master pressure foot and keep both fabrics aligned. The top fabric moves back from the quarter inch guide. Any suggestions? I have watched many tutorials on line and have yet to see a similar difficulty!

    • The sewer still has to “move” the fabrics so they both touch the seam guide by very gently keeping the top fabric UP in the air entirely separate from the bottom fabric and gently “nudge” both fabrics to keep them along the guide. Hope this helps. So sorry for the delay in replying, I just saw this!

  2. Jewel Norvell Norvell

    Doesn’t fit on feather weight sewing machine . What is the problem?

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