Flood Gates Go Up! Paducah is Topsy-Turvy

Beautiful Paducah, KY, on the  south bank of the Ohio River is home to the American Quilters’ Society show scheduled to begin tomorrow night with a Preview.  But today official word came down that the river is expected to crest and flood due to the overwhelming rains this region has experienced and still more predicted.  All along the flood wall workers began feverishly erecting the flood gates, closing the few openings in the wall.

So what’s the bad news?  The Paducah Expo Center and Convention Center are located between the river and the flood walls!

That means all the vendors and quilt displays were scrambled, beginning last night, with the following results:

Vendors who were in the Expo Center, and the Best of Show quilts are moving to the Pavilion (or “Bubble Building.”) This is the building right next door to the Expo Center and Convention Center, and it lies safely behind the flood wall.

The vendors who were scheduled to be in the Pavilion are now moved to the “old” Office Max store front, out toward the Mall.

The vendors who were scheduled to be in the Convention Center are now moved to the “old” Circuit City store front, also out toward the Mall.

Buses will run a circuit from the Pavilion to the other venues.  Quilts will also be on display in these revised venues.

The Good News: This change of venue means we can “take the high ground” on our drive to the show and avoid the flood waters in the low lying areas along our previous route, if the show were still in the original venue.  More good news:  The Preview held on Tuesday night has been cancelled for all venues except the Pavilion Building.  This means I get to attend a preview, as a viewer!

Just Curves – Home of the Curve Master Presser Foot will move to the old Circuit City building and we plan to be open for business!

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