AQS Lancaster, PA Show


Yes, I was a vendor at the AQS show in Lancaster two weeks ago.  But what I wanted to tell you about is the most wonderful place to eat!  I asked permission of Sarah, manager on duty at Jennie’s Diner, before taking these photographs.  The deal was, I would do a blog about how great this place is, so long as she will guarantee me a seat there next year!

Jennie’s Diner

Located at 2575 Lincoln Highway East, Ronks, PA 17572 (just barely past the last outlet mall in Lancaster), Jennie’s has a fabulous menu, breakfast served all day, and amazing low prices.  Specials on the menu the night I was there:  Porterhouse Steak, Ham Loaf, Meat Loaf, Haddock, Liver & Onions, and more…a full page of specials, in addition to the regular menu.  There was a waiting line for a table, so I sat at the counter. Here’s what the lady next to me at the counter had:

Eggs, Hash Browns, Thick Toast, Scrapple

Here’s some of the staff, including Sarah.  Notice the Honor Roll of photographs of servicemen and women around the ceiling.  A sure way to get my vote!

The only drawback?   Remember, this is rural Pennsylvania, where the Amish use natural fertilizer on their fields.  Notice how close to a field the diner is:

But once you’re inside, you will be met with pleasant aromas, great service, and plenty of good food.

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  1. Wow sounds great! We may be near Lancaster this summer. Might have to check it out 🙂

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