Announcing: Online Classes for Curve Master!

Many of you have asked for Online Classes featuring the Curve Master Presser Foot.  I am pleased to announce that beginning June 1, 2011 they will begin.  I could not undertake this new venture alone!  It is only through the help, encouragement, expertise and partnering of my dear friend, Judy Hall of Punch With Judy in Australia, that we are making this an international event through the miracle of the World Wide Web.

More details will be available in April, but briefly here’s how it will work:

First, go to the Punch With Judy website to express interest in the classes and/or to enroll in the classes.  Click here for the website. Currently the Australian and US Dollars are just about equal and Judy is reducing the price by 9.1% for those non-Australian enrollees  who don’t have to pay Australian GST.  Don’t worry about dollar conversions as Judy’s website takes care of all of this automatically.  Once enrolled you will be given instructions for accessing the Yahoo Group that is set up exclusively for the members of this class to share their questions, experiences and successes with Judy, myself and the other members.

For any of the class supplies you wish to purchase, you may order from either the Punch With Judy website or the Just Curves website, whichever is nearest to you in order to save on postage.

We are so excited to be creating this event and especially to be able to share it with our friends around the world!  Please join us on this adventure!


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4 responses to “Announcing: Online Classes for Curve Master!

  1. Ann

    I recently saw a you tube of the CurveMaster and immediately had my boss order some. Spent a few hours today working on my first small project with drunkard path blocks. love the foot!!

  2. Anna Ladyman

    I bought the curve master foot at the Perth Quilt Fair last year after seeing it demonstrated. I must say its the easiest foot to use and I was amazed how easy curves were to sew. I apply it to not onlt quilt pieces but dressmaking for crotch, necklines and under arms – I am so happy with it and I have lent it to friends who are equally as amazed.

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