Another Post-Apocalyptic Skill: Gardening

Here’s how to  garden in Texas:

1.  Build an armadillo-proof concrete foundation with footings going about 18 inches below the ground level.  This is to prevent determined digging-proficient animals from burrowing into the treasure.

2.  Build an 8-foot tall fence surrounding the foundation. This is to prevent leap-prone animals such as deer from catapulting into the treasure.

3.  Place a layer of plastic over the ground.  This is to dissuade weeds from volunteering from previous years of neglect.

4.  Bring in dirt.  Texas Hill Country has no dirt.  It has rocks.  Dirt must be purchased.  Fortunately, the local lake was drained some months ago in order to repair the dam.  This exposed beautiful, fertile river bed dirt.

5.  Distribute and level the dirt.  This necessitates building a ramp over the concrete foundation for ingress and egress.

So far, so good.

Next to come:  a drip irrigation system, some sort of shade for a portion of the garden, planting and harvesting.

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