Here’s a New Pieced Dresden Plate Quilt!

Dale M. from Santa Clara, CA writes:

Hi Sandy,
I saw you at the PIQF Show at the Santa Clara Convention Center this past weekend.  I told you about my scrap king size quilt that I made with the Just Curves Foot and the Dresden Plate Templates that you have.  Here is the picture, as an attachment, that I promised to send you.  I had so much fun making it and it was really easy with your foot.
Thank you.
This is certainly a gorgeous KING-SIZED quilt, Dale.  I am still amazed myself that this can be totally pieced with no applique in such a short time!  Thank you for sharing your success with us.


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3 responses to “Here’s a New Pieced Dresden Plate Quilt!

  1. Wow, that certainly IS a king-sized Dresden Plate Quilt! Is there a bed large enough that it will fit? I’m amazed and in awe. What a wonderful achievement. Judy

  2. Beautiful, simply beautiful! The colour combination is great too. Have you ever tried a double wedding ring with the curve master?

    • Have I ever tried a Double Wedding Ring quilt with the Curve Master?! Indeed! A DWR is the reason I INVENTED the Curve Master! Back in about 1999 when I tried to make a DWR and couldn’t, I decided there had to be a better way. The CM is the result. Now I can make a queen-sized DWR top in just 3 days!!! Take a look at our DWR acrylic templates for rotary cutting on our Just Curves website.

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