Bambi in the Hill Country

Look carefully and you’ll see a fawn just to the right of the little red wagon.  Yes, I have a little red wagon!  Here she is again between the two birdhouses:

This is one of twins born to a momma with only 3 good legs who hops around the yard gathering acorns and looking after her family.  I have to admire her for surviving with her handicap and producing such a beautiful family.  When she, or any other momma, senses my presence, she stomps one foot as if either demanding that I vacate the premises or trying to startle me into revealing my postion by a quick movement, and she exhales a loud airy snort.  Very intimidating!  She is very brave and protective.

Here are the acorns they favor once they have fallen to the ground.  Since the house has a tin roof, I know there is a bountiful harvest this year, due to the wonderful overdue rains the Hill Country has enjoyed.


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2 responses to “Bambi in the Hill Country

  1. What a treat to have such beautiful visitors and to see the mother deer caring for her twins! I agree, she is very brave and determined. 🙂

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