Deep in the Heart of Texas

Have you ever seen such a blue sky as today’s?

It was enough to make me take a long walk circumnavigating my “propatee.”

Here is a shot of the back side of “my hill.”  The house is nestled into a cove on the front side of the hill and there is a path of switchbacks going up the hill for wonderful 360-degree views, including one 30 mile view.  This back side trail goes along the fence line and has no switchbacks; it is just straight up, at least a 30-degree angle.  Huff and puff.  But faster than the front trail.

Notice the “soil?”  That is Texas caliche which won’t grow a thing except Prickly Pear cactus, cedar trees, oak trees, and some grasses and native plants, not counting scorpions and fire ants.  I would enjoy growing vegetables and what with the wonderful weather there could be two plantings a year for a spring/summer garden and a fall/winter garden.  But the soil!  And the deer and armadillos!  The solution:  a garden plot that has concrete footings and 8′ high fencing all around, and store-bought soil hauled in by the tonnage.  The footings are in place down in the “pasture” portion of the “propatee” so one of the next projects (after the carport and storage room, nearly done!) will be the garden.

Here’s another picture of Texas soil needing remediation.  This is not just an isolated instance…this is IT!

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