Home from Festival of Quilts, Birmingham, England 2010

Hello!  I just arrived home from a wonderful internationally-flavored two week working vacation, in London, Birmingham, and Edinburgh.   Before I download photos and thoughtfully blog about the trip, here is The Cotton Patch’s blog address where starting Wednesday, August 11 you will find gorgeous photos of some of the doin’s.  You can also link directly to it in the blogroll at the right.  http://blog.quiltingonline.co.uk/   This marks the second year I have been The Cotton Patch’s guest at the Festival, and I always feel exceptionally blessed by association with such fine people, all.


This morning I noticed two kitties paying extraordinary attention to the kitchen floor:  watching, sniffing and patting.  When I investigated what was of such interest here is what I found.  Such a gorgeous little creature.  I’m sure the pictures don’t capture the greige color and the barely glistening glow to the perfect tiny geometric skin!  I gently picked him/her up (first being certain it was not a little rattler!) and watched for a while, and then moved all 4 inches of him to the front flower bed.  There is a screen door between the kitchen and the patio, so I guess that is how he immigrated…just wonder where momma and siblings are!

Y’all come see me now, ya hear!?  I told you I live in the country!

Doesn’t he make a pretty shape, reflected in the shiny bowl I put him in for observation?

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