Where Do My Ideas Come From?

Some of you have asked where I get the ideas for the Just Curves templates. Many of my inspirations come from old quilts in my collection.  For example, here was the “Original” Crossroads quilt which I found in an antique shop before we even started doing templates.  It’s design just grabbed me; I could not figure out where “the block” was until closer examination and isolating one block in the corner.  What this imaginative quilter in the 1930’s had done was make sure that the fabrics adjacent to each other in touching blocks were the same.  This effectively disguised the usually sharp line between blocks when fabrics change and instead fooled the eye into scanning across the same fabric as if it were in the same block.  Fabulous!  This beauty is hand pieced and hand quilted.

Crossroads Quilt by "Anonymous"

Closeup of Crossroads

Here is my attempt at this arrangement:

This one is not quilted; I gave up on it as I simply got tired of ALL THE WORK it took to manage the matching of fabrics in the adjacent blocks.  It was EXHAUSTING!  All the more reason the “Original” Crossroads amazes me, because the maker made a full size quilt with every piece matching perfectly, and probably without the aid of a design wall!

A few moments ago when I added the caption to the “Original” Crossroads quilt and attributed it to “Anonymous,” I felt a pang of sadness that the quilter who so inspired me must remain unknown.  A good argument for putting labels on all our own quilts today!  And it reminded me of something else, and that will be the subject of my next post!

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