Dreams are Dashed

Remember Mrs. Lurkey, the hen turkey that had a nest with four eggs?  Sometime last week her nest was destroyed and all four eggs were dashed.  No baby turkeys!  Fortunately, Mrs. Lurkey still hangs around the scene of the crime, as the wild side yard has numerous bird feeders, seed holders, occasional tossed handfuls of corn and other treats, and plenty of water.  That may be what drew in the predator, as there are also plenty of raccoons, possums, armadillos, and rumored wild pigs “in the neighborhood.”  I made one confirmed wild pig sighting, as a small herd crossed the road in front of me one evening about 9:30 four years ago, but have seen none since.  I have occasionally seen evidence of where they root up the earth, but no face to face encounters. Thankfully.  Doubtful that it was a snake, as I have not seen any snakes since moving to the Hill Country.  Speculation is that the fire ants have killed off all the snakes.  I’d rather have the snakes, as at least they help control other varmints.

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