Thank You United Airlines!

I know United broke your guitar (check out You Tube if you don’t get it) but today they are my heroes!  They found and protected my Amazon Kindle before I even realized I had left it aboard when I deplaned from Melbourne in LA. They left a message on my home phone asking for further instructions to get it to me.  HOW GREAT IS THAT??!!!

What’s more, when I called them with my request that they FedEx it overnight to me in Salt Lake, they did!  I am now happily reunited with my trusty travel companion.  To say I’m surprised and very pleased is an understatement.  Thanks to all the anonymous service workers at United who did the right thing.  To the airplane cleaners or the flight attendant who found it and turned it in; to the keepers of Lost & Found who manage the many goods that pass through there, anonymously and probably often thanklessly, THANK YOU.  I only got two actual names in this odyssey:  Ms. Dixson, the gate agent at LAX for the 7:15 flight to Salt Lake, and “Chris” at United Lost & Found:  Thank you.

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