My First Invention – Before the Curve Master

I LOVE COLOR!!!  Too much color is wonderful.  Too much color is not enough.  I have two visions of Heaven:  1) I will step in and sit down at a quilting frame between my two grandmothers and pick up my needle and not miss a stitch.  And boy will they be surprised (if they don’t already know.) and 2) With my new improved glorified vision, I will see all the colors not visible to us in this light with these eyes.

But, back to my FIRST invention.  When I was about 5 or 6, I decided that there had to be some other color, one that was even more beautiful than the ones we already knew, and I was going to invent it!  I looked at my watercolor kit and decided that since each color was SO beautiful, if I mixed them together, the result would be the most glorious gorgeous color EVER seen!  You know what happened….MUD!  But a beautiful mud color, nonetheless.

Whenever I see a STUNNING color arrangement, like this Wonderfil Specialty Threads – Canada stand at AQC displaying threads, it truly takes my breath away. But I STILL want to gild the lily and mix them all together.  That is what heaven will be!  Plan to go there and see the color I invent!

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