Gala Dinner Fun – AQC

The Gala Dinner organized by show producer, Expertise Events, was not to be missed.  The gallery level of the Royal Exhibition Center was turned into a nightclub and the evening kicked off with African drumbeats and athletic dancers spinning and leaping, in patchwork costumes…no quilting, but several ladies volunteered to take care of that oversight!

The second act during dinner had more people dancing than eating, as ABBA (impersonators) took the stage.  Who had the BAD idea to award a Bernina sewing machine to the person who could sing Mamma Mia all the way through, following its rendition by the group?  Now I can’t get that song out of my head, four days later!!!

Nikki Tervo, famous button maker and pattern designer and embroidery digitizer, is always a ROUSING good time. Here with calming influence and husband John, she enlivens any gathering.  Delightful daughter, Miranda, kept the “factory” going at home so she was missed at the convention.

At Nikki’s urging, I took some time to enjoy the display of bonnets, each made to commemorate a woman convict, in early colonization of Australia.

Judy and John Hall, proprietors of Punch With Judy, are always hosts with the mosts.

LIttle Dutch Girl, Liz College’s twins sometimes show up at shows.

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