Here’s how I felt about my previous website.  Everything about it was a struggle.  I know next to nothing about computers.  (Lawsy Ms. Scarlett, I don’t know nuthin’ bout birthin’ no website!) I struggled with the previous host’s program and their lack of user-friendly customer service. But I didn’t have a clue where to go.  (Now there’s an idea for a new service:  a shelter for battered techno-newbies!)

That was until Quilt Market in October 2009.  Suddenly there were not one but two new providers of web hosting with a demonstrated understanding of “us quilters.”  Hallelujah!  The problem now was deciding which one to choose!  And how quickly can we git ‘r done!?

I am so pleased to announce the birthday of my new website today.   I am thrilled.    This techno-newbie has learned a lot thanks to the great customer support and training from my new web host and their easy to use program.

Now, despite my efforts at proofreading, testing links, and trying out the shopping cart, I know there may be glitches and I ask your help in finding them and helping me fix them.  Please check it out and email me offline ( with your comments.  Now, I don’t have all the photos posted for the products under other designer’s templates and patterns.  Other than that, if you find a major glitch (a link that doesn’t work or something wrong with the shopping) let me know and I will send along a token of my appreciation.  (I have lots of patterns, books, and other goodies that are new and unused, but just too much inventory right now!)   Thank you for your support in the past and join me in celebrating this happy day!


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2 responses to “MY NEW, IMPROVED WEBSITE! Yes, I’m Shouting!

  1. Congratulations Sandy. Job well done and worth waiting for, knowing all the hassles behind the scenes. Excellent website and easy to navigate. As per usual, your blog shows your brilliant sense of humour and style – amusing. The continuous quilt show on the home page gives inspiration on how to use your templates in a quilt, some with variations. May I suggest a “Gallery” to give even more ideas for novices and others in which you could feature photos of quilts made by your students and customers? I find on my own website that this gives encouragement for others to try products, in your case, the Curve Master and your template sets. The attitude often is “if Mrs. Jones can do it then I can too” as opposed to “Yes, but you’re the expert so, of course, your quilts are stunning and perfect” when they only see your own beautiful quilts. What do other readers think girls and boys? Want to see a Gallery and have your own quilt shown to the world? Gives you some self-esteem too. YEAH! Judy

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