Springtime in Texas – Habitat for Birdmanity

The side yard is teeming with birds enjoying a bounteous supply of birdseed and an endless supply of ideal nest building supplies courtesy of their hostess.

I may be borderline hoarder as I can not bear to waste anything.  As you know, my sewn Drunkard’s Path samples from shows are donated to Quilts of Valor to be used in quilts for our valiant soldiers; large scraps from die cutting and excess batting goes into homemade pillow-beds for the local veterinarian to comfort the animals; and little scraps from squaring up blocks, cut threads, yarn from my knitting projects and lint from the clothes dryer get tossed into the side yard for use by Habitat for Birdmanity.

Here is a result seen just today as a mansion was built in the outside rafter of the upstairs screen porch.  Mom & Dad weren’t there when I snapped this photo but I will keep watching.

Habitat for Birdmanity Welcomes Spring

It is fun to imagine polka dot fabric peeking out of a nest, or sun glinting off a magenta Fairy Frost, or mohair curls hanging like icicles from the rims of cozy little homes.  And since wool stays warm when wet, I think my wool yarn scraps will serve them well when on cool March evenings and when April showers come along.  Now I’m getting sentimental…I went too far and imagined them in little hand knit Aran sweaters complete with cables and bobbles.  I must rest.

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