REPUBLISHED: Day 2 as a Blogger – Curve Master Demo

This blog is republished here today in order to place it in a more conveniently found location for all my new viewers.

First published on November 8, 2009

My goal for today was to make a few videos demonstrating use of the Curve Master Presser Foot and publish them on my blog and maybe Youtube.  First time videographer, first time use of my new Flip Video Camera, first time using iMovie, but I was determined to make myself Sandy B. deMille for one day.  I put on fresh makeup and set the stage on on my back porch, the only spot in the house that gets northern light.  Here is Curve Master Demo – Take 1.  Emphasis on the “Take 1” part.  Totally ignore the part where I say to “lift the two fabrics” as you should only lift the top fabric.

Watch the background more than the demo.  See the pretty kitty walking in the background and reflected on the bed of the sewing machine?  Baaaadddd kittty……


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20 responses to “REPUBLISHED: Day 2 as a Blogger – Curve Master Demo

  1. Congratulations Sandy, another big step forward! Showing your grande sense of humour too as well as your talents. Looking forward to many enlightening postings and news of your travels and wonderful invention – the Curve Master Presser Foot! Travelling home today from a Retail Show in Adelaide where we sold lots of your Curve Master to very happy customers. Judy Hall, Punch with Judy, Australia.

  2. Judy Tracy

    How fun to see you get started. We’ll try to remember to keep checking you out.
    Char won two ribbons at the Flying Geese Quilt Show this weekend. Very Exciting:>)
    Hugs, Judy

  3. terri

    Hey there-thanks for posting this! I bought one from your husband in Santa Clara-he made it look so easy, so I bought it, and just got up the nerve to try it on a yet unfinished drunkards path project. I didn’t like doing it the first pass through, as I had to pin, and they just didn’t lay flat. This was just as easy as demonstrated… now if I could just get around the pain of cutting these out..your tool makes the sewing a breeze! I bought your Dresden template-any upcoming video on how to get started on that project? Thanks for your post!

  4. Nadine Mann

    Saw your demonstration today at the Chicago Quilt Show. Daughter and I have set up to try it out your foot tonight but a Start Trek movie with the family and grandkids interferred. We are looking forward to sewing a few curves tomorrow after a couple of soccer games.
    Thanks for this wonderful foot. I’ll be sure to show my purchase to my Michigan Quilt group when I return to Michigan next week.
    Wishing you much success with your business.

    I can’t watch videos over our phone line internet connect but did view one at our daughters. Great reminder after seeing your demonstration.

  5. Corinne

    Thank you Sandy for being so responsive to my concerns. I am taking your advice and know it will help me be successful. I know that there can’t be so many happy users of the curve master without a very good reason….and I am determined to become one of them.

    • Always glad to help! It also sounds as if the pieces you sewed and then cut and then sewed together, and the connections did not match, is because they would not include the 1/4″ seam allowance so they would end up 1/2″ off. In order for anything to “match” it must be planned in the cutting and must include seam allowances from the outset. For example, Louisa Smith’s Strips and Curves method has you sew strips together with 1/4″ seams, and then cut the curve pieces which she uses templates that include the 1/4″ seam allowance each, and therefore the pieces match perfectly when sewn together. Thanks for writing. Sandy

  6. guadalupe jimenez

    I bought the curve master that says is 5/8, but is too big it is 5/4 what happend? what should I do. Thanks.

    • It sounds as if you are measuring the entire width of the foot, instead of from the needle hole to the seam guide. The seam guide is the “raised wall, or edge or lip” that is 5/8″ from the middle of the needle hole. Guide your fabric along the seam guide for a 5/8″ seam. Do not extend the fabric underneath the portion of the foot that is beyond the “wall” seam guide. Hope this helps. Thanks for writing. Sandy

  7. egyptquilts

    Love the demo, missed the kitten. Thanks I like the demo and the product.

    • Thanks. The kitty is seen moving if you look “through” the throat of the sewing machine, and the loud “crash” is when he curiously nudged the lamp that was upholding the background drape causing the whole structure to topple to the floor, thus completely changing the background from black to white near the end of the demo. But I continued demonstrating, as “the show must go on.!

  8. Doing an Apple Core quilt or any other curve that changes direction such as wavy curves, I find that clipping about 1/8″ into the seam allowance along the concave curve only, and BEFORE sewing the wavy curves, helps in dealing with the change of direction. Remember though it is not necessary for the “one way” curved pieces to be clipped before sewing; it is only having gotten to the stage of putting together the rows that I clip.

    Be sure to keep the top fabric up in the air when sewing and be especially gentle when the concave curve is on top as it is the stretchier of the two curves. I also find that having a visual milestone helps: I “test” the intersection of the two seams I am approaching by putting them together about 3-4 inches from the intersecting seams, and then adjusting my “stretch or smudge together hold” as I sew to “make it fit.” I also watch to be sure that the two seams intersect with an X that is 1/4″ in from the edges of the two fabrics. That is, where the top fabrics’ 1/4″ seam crosses the bottoms’ fabrics 1/4″ seam the two sewn pieces seams will form an X, with the crosspoint of the X being on the seam. You really have to not just “look” but really “see” what you are looking at to “get” this…hope it makes sense. I have found that there are many things one must “see” which is different from just “looking at.”

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  10. Paula Priaulx

    Hi Sandy,
    I’ve just purchased your wonderful Curve Master foot and am (im)patiently waiting for it to be posted to me. I am still chuckling at Kitty’s adventures on the bid screen with you. I thinks sewing in the company of cats makes life so worthwhile and always adds a little humour to the day.
    Kind regards,

  11. Kari

    Hi Sandy,
    I bought your curvesmart foot at santa clara last weekend and tried it out. it is making a clicking sound on my 3160 Janome. Any ideas?

    • Hi Kari, that does happen sometimes and is normal. Just keep sewing a few seams and the machine and foot will get acquainted and be fine! Thanks again for your support. sandy

  12. Sue

    You Tube has another video of the curve master with clearer views of the process. What a great device! Now if I can just get it on my Berninas!

    • Sorry for the delay…I just saw this! I’ve been moving and getting resettled. Yes, it will adapt to fit Berninas if you have or obtain a metal Bernina shank adapter. See my website at and click on “How to attach the Curve Master” for explicit details. thanks for your interest.

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