Apple Core Quilt Done With Curve Master!

Today I received this photo of a dog-approved Apple Core quilt made by Susan.  Her email describes how much she enjoyed making it.  Thanks, Susan, for sharing your success with us!  It is always so satisfying to see what my “new friends” are making!

Susan's Apple Core - Approved by Casey

Hey Sandy!

You have my permission to use as you wish.  You can use Susan for me and my pup’s name is Casey.  He loves laying on my tops, especially when I’m basting.  Must be the extra softness his hair adds to all of them LOL.  BTW, I’m the lady that stopped by your booth at the Sew Expo on Saturday but didn’t want to do a video for your blog.  Like you’ll remember since you probably talked to hundreds of people last week.

I would recommend your product to anyone who wants to ask.  Feel free to pass along my email to anyone with questions.  Mine was a 50th birthday gift that I begged from my baby sister.  The Apple Core template was a b-day gift the prior year from a friend who likes to make me step out of my comfort zone, which it did.  But I had an absolute blast!  All done with the Curve Master, including joining the rows!  Queen size, no two fabrics alike.  The dog is a bonus!

Blessings, hugs, and giggles,


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