Phil Beaver at Road to California


There are really two Indianas, southern and northern, and the two are vastly different.  Although Indiana is Yankee country, southern Indiana is, well, “southern” … with sweet iced tea, small town rural, honeysuckle, red clay and black dirt, limestone, hills, and tall thick woods and hot, humid summers.  When I think of southern Indiana, I think of To Kill a Mockingbird (yes, I know that wasn’t Indiana, but the feeling is the same.)  Northern Indiana, in comparison,  is just harsher…flatter, more industrial, more citified, more sophisticated (a relative term, I realize), more busy, less warm.  It is unsweet iced tea.  I grew up in both.  But when I think “home”, it is always southern Indiana.

Phil Beaver lives in French Lick, Indiana, that’s southern Indiana.  He has won Best of Show and other recognition at many major quilt shows including Quilt Odyssey when it was in Gettysburg, PA.  That is when he and I first met and had that instant connection that southern Hoosiers away from home experience.   He teaches his color blending and fabric painting technique, coupled with raw edge applique, at retreats in French Lick as well as quilt shows nationally.  If you ever have a chance, go to the French Lick retreats which include an interesting tour of the renovated West Baden resort and hotel with sulfur hot springs.  A rejuvenating treat.

Phil Beaver Quilts & Teaching Samples


Two Southern Indiana Hoosiers at Heart

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