Curve Master Demo – Take 2

If you saw Curve Master Demo – Take 1, which appeared here in my blog as “Day 2 as a Blogger,” you had a good laugh and some misinformation about how to use the Curve Master.  Hey, it WAS “Take 1” after all, give me a break!  

Here is a better version of a demonstration.  Still not perfect on the lighting and lacking a closeup view, but better than Take 1, and definitely on the right track.  Hope this helps those of you asking for a demo, and stay tuned for Take 3!  This one was taken in the booth at Road to California show, so it is a “live” version.


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4 responses to “Curve Master Demo – Take 2

  1. Michele Sirks

    I relocated my curve master foot yesterday. It is in 2 pieces – the clear plastic piece with a moveable attached part and the Bernina attachment. I can’t figure out anything, like how to attach piece one to piece two or how to attach foot to a Viking. I don’t have the package insert if there was one. Will you send me a picture or demo of how it fits together?


    • The Curve Master will clip directly onto your Viking. If you have the Bernina adapter which has a screw on it, use shank #1 from the CM kit, screw it onto the Bernina adapter and snap on the CM. If you have the Bernina shank which accepts clip on feet, the CM will simply clip on and then go on your Bernina like regular feet. Thanks for your support.

    • Hi Michele, for a Viking the foot will simply clip directly on without the second piece of plastic being attached. Just like your regular Viking feet. on the website we have info at

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