Best of Road to California Quilt Show 2010


Road to California 2010 Best of Show Quilt


Credit for Road to California Best of Show Quilt 2010


Can you believe this?!  Gorgeous….too beautiful for words.  I started to say, “Take a close look at the red velvet roses,” and then realized there are so many elements to recommend a closer look at that it is hopeless to isolate just one!  

This takes me back to 5th grade art class when we were told to sculpt something from a bar of Ivory soap.  I don’t remember what I carved, but I do recall that I was not proud of it, while the artistic girl in class actually sculpted the most incredible owl. (I still remember her name but will withhold it to protect the innocent.)   Back then I believed that art had to be realistic, and that one had to be able to draw well, in order to be an artist. 

I set out one day to invent the most beautiful color in the whole world, one that no one had ever seen before.  I could not decide which color in my watercolor kit was the most beautiful, as they were all so pretty.  So I mixed them all together, believing that the sum of the parts would be even more beautiful.   Of course you know I got “mud.”  But that never discouraged my belief that too much of a good thing is wonderful, too much is not enough, or if  you get “all you can eat for $20,” how much can I get for $40?

Since I could not draw, or paint, or sculpt, or manage colors, or do anything “artistic”  therefore I could not study “art.” Nothing in my experience indicated otherwise back then.  

Viewing results like this, so different from what I produce, I initially feel that my creations are inadequate, and therefore, so am I.  And then, I mull the meaning of creating, and the creative impulse, and what shows forth about what is within us when we create, or not, ….my goodness, food for thought!

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