Announcing the First Ever Just Curves Quilt Contest!

Carolina Favorite Quilt

The Carolina Favorite Block shown here needs a new, exciting quilt designed for it.  So, we are holding our first ever contest.

GRAND PRIZE:  $200.00 and Bragging Rights

Here’s the scoop:  (The Rules)

Design and sew a quilt top (quilting optional) using the Carolina Favorite template set.  If you don’t already have a set, it is available for purchase at HALF PRICE at the Just Curves website.  Click on the A Just Curves link in the Blogroll in the right hand column.

The quilt must be a minimum of 3 blocks and maximum of 6 blocks.  Colors, layout, sashing, borders, and settings are entirely your option as the designer.

Send a photo only of the masterpiece by email to by 11 p.m. Central Standard Time, March 1, 2010.  The winner will be chosen at the sole discretion of Just Curves and announced on March 15, 2010.

By sending a photo to enter the contest you agree that if selected for Grand Prize you convey all rights of your design to Just Curves for the purpose of creating a pattern and other marketing and advertising. You further agree to convey the quilt and ownership to Just Curves by March 20, 2010. Prize will be awarded upon receipt of the quilt by Just Curves. Acknowledgment will be given to the designer on the pattern and when the quilt is displayed. All entries will appear in this blog after March 20.

So tell your friends and quilt guild members!   Good luck!


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3 responses to “Announcing the First Ever Just Curves Quilt Contest!

  1. yochi

    thanks for your message. i put myself on the blog list. U dont know what it the carolina template so i will look it up.
    i am enjoying your just curves foot very much. i did a huge bed spread with curved vegetables with it and it came out great.
    i wish to try the double wdding ring but i am too afraid to fail. what do you suggest me to do?
    shalom fro israel

    • Sue G

      Shalom Yochi,
      WOW! a curved Vegetables quilt sounds beautiful. Someday I will try one, after I finish some of the UFO’s hanging around.
      In answer to your question about a double wedding ring, make a test block first. That way you can find the problems and correct before making the “real” quilt top. I did that and the quilt I made turned out beautifully. Just remember to sew slowly and carefully. Good luck!
      Shalom and quilting hugs,
      Sue G

      • Yochi & Sue, thanks for your comments. Re the DWR, try my new templates for simplified cutting, and remember the Curve Master Presser Foot allowed me to make my first DWR, queen size, in just 3 days!

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