A Christmas Story With the Just Curves Gang

Growing up in Northern Indiana where the movie, “A Christmas Story” takes place, we have made it a family tradition to watch the movie at least once during the holidays.  We have even given gifts of the coveted Daisy Red Rider BB Gun to both young and old.

Here is the newest version, featuring your friends, the Just Curves gang you have seen at various shows during the past year.  Starring as our hero, Ralphie, is Judy Hall of The Rock, Australia. Ralphie’s little brother in the Michelin man snowsuit which renders him immobile is Gwen Receveur of Palmyra, Indiana.  The boy who sticks his tongue to the frozen flagpole is Elida Palomo of Mexico who braves the long van ride to be with us each year at Houston.  I wish there had been a more plum role for dear Elida, but this was all that JibJab offered.   Corraling the group as Mom (you’ll shoot your eye out)  and Dad (#&%@**!!) are Sandy Chandler and Jim Lawhon.  Perfect typecasting for Jim!

Enjoy our version as we wish you the very best holiday.  With our apologies to Jean Shepherd who wrote the original story and others in a similar vein.

And if you have never seen the original (and even if you have!) be sure to view “A Christmas Story” for a nostalgic look at childhood wishes, the perils of negotiating neighborhood bullies, well-meaning aunt’s homemade gifts,  a father’s pride in winning a “major award,” and family love throughout.

Just a tip:  When you first play the video it may pause and be jumpy;  if you hit replay after the first loading completes, it should play through without the irritating pauses.

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