Happy 103rd Birthday, Aunt Mary!!

Aunt Mary is my father’s sister. She is my last living relative of “The Greatest Generation,”  and she is definitely one who deserves that title.  She still lives at home, enjoys crocheting, stitching on plastic canvas, going to church, and reading the local newspaper.  She is a wonderful quilter, too.  You cannot believe the tiny stitches on her quilts.

If you would like to participate in the Card Shower, please mail them to:

Mrs. Mary Boss (Sandy’s Aunt Mary)

617 Michael St.

Salem, IN 47167

Thank you!  She will really enjoy getting cards from all over the world as an example of the power of the internet!  What a difference 100 years makes!


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2 responses to “Happy 103rd Birthday, Aunt Mary!!

  1. Thank you. I will definitely send Mary a card. How very delightful.

    I have been searching for the youngest and oldest quilter, and trying to write articles on these jewels. I think your Aunt Mary is definitely the oldest quilter (best jewel ever). As you are a blogger I hope you’ll capture her story and write more about her & share with us soon. What a delightful story that needs to be shared!

    While I do plan on sending her a card, I hope you will wish her Happy Birthday from SewCalGal!


    • Thanks so much, she really will enjoy a card. That is a good idea to write more about her. I’ll include a photo of some of her quilts and quilting (they are pretty old, though!) Thanks for your interest and support of the blog. sandy

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