December 7 – A Day Which Will Live In Infamy

December 7

Another UFO completed!  Intended to be finished by Christmas 2008, this blue & white Pieced Dresden Plate quilt received its final binding stitches today, in commemoration of this date.

Yes, this is totally pieced, no applique at all!  Even the center circles in each block are INSERTED, not applied.   The Just Curves acrylic templates for Pieced Dresden Plate are specially designed to include the necessary background shapes to insert each blade into.  I used the method Bethany Reynolds describes in her Stack N Whack books to stack and cut through 12 layers of the print fabric for each “plate.”  Having 12 identical blades creates the kaleidoscope effect.

And the last flourish…the piping added before the binding.  Thanks again to Susan Cleveland and Luanne Leeson, acknowledged in a previous post.

And here’s a great solution for any “leftover” or orphan blocks…BQ, a great pattern gives this unique setting recipe.  Simply adjust the measurements to fit the desired block, instead of the measurements provided in the pattern.  Have you ever seen such a great way to stretch 6 blocks into a decent size quilt?  Quick Christmas gifts, anyone???  The pattern is available at my website.

BQ Dresden Plate

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