A Quilter is Born!

Heather's First Quilt - Kitty Approved

Imagine my delight to see the first quilt ever produced by a previously non-quilting friend.  Ms. Heather was my able assistant and cashier at the Puyallup show referenced in my last post.  Apparently the “bug” bit, the dreaded and highly contagious S1Q1 pandemic.  (See One, Quilt One)  Whether she actually caught it from me or her mother, also a known carrier, will probably never be known, but we both are pleased to have one more joining us!

The pattern is called “Outside the Box” A Quilter’s Dream,  1069 Via Verde Ave.,  San Dimas, CA 91773       626-744-2779       www.aquiltersdream.com


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4 responses to “A Quilter is Born!

  1. S1Q1 Pandemic is too funny. But I’m happy to hear that it bit Ms. Heather and hse has made such a beautiful quilt. I love it.

    Keep spreading the S1Q1 bug! I’ll do my part to help.


  2. Shelby

    What pattern is this. Looks great!!!

  3. Ann

    Do you have a gallery for the templates? Would love to see some ideas.

    Thank you – love the blog 🙂

    • I have just a few photos on my website under the Shopping tabs. That’s one reason for the contest–I need more models and don’t have time to make all I wish I had! Plus I love seeing what everyone else comes up with. Thanks for enjoying my blog! Happy Holidays to you. Sandy

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